Gamma Sterilization Services

We provide industry standard gamma sterilization services using Cobalt 60 sources. Our typical irradiations deliver 25 kGy (2.5 MRad) of total dose to your devices and products. Research has shown this level to be approximately 3X the requirement to kill all living organisms. Other total dose requirements can be accommodated if needed.

Gamma sterilization of sterile wound dressings and bandages

Our operational run characteristics for gamma sterilization are perfect for materials which are sensitive to heat damage.

Gamma sterilization of laboratory equipments and supplies

There are various reasons why speciality lab equipment may not be suitable for other types of sterilization. We can accomodate all of your sterilization needs.

Our gamma facility is not a production environment. This means we take the time to taylor our runs to meet our customers needs, not our schedule. A typical 25 kGy run will take approximately 24 hours. This ensures minimal gamma heating of your supplies and instruments. You have no need for concern over damage caused by heating of your materials.

If temperature is a concern for you we can provide monitoring as well.

NOTE: We are not an FDA approved facility!

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